Building Warrant approval is required for significant works which affect the structure and fabric of buildings and for the majority of new build. 

There are however significant alterations to dwellings that can be carried out without the need for building warrant.

These include non-structural alterations such as removal of partitions to the addition of a sanitary appliance to an existing waste pipe. The list of works which are exempt, is quite extensive.

With this de-regulation a responsibility is placed on the owner to ensure that exempt works comply fully with the requirements/intentions of the Technical Standards in force at the time of the alteration. 

We can assist in ensuring these works are carried out in compliance with the terms of the exemption. 

Often works are carried out by homeowners which have not obtained the necessary consent, usually due to a lack of awareness by the home owner. These are typically picked up at the point of sale. 

Since the first of May 2005 any such works require the issue of a Late Certificate of Completion. Which in essence is a retrospective building warrant application. We can prepare necessary drawings and applcations, to rectify such issues. We negotiate directly with building standards to regularise matters for you. 

Should you require advice on these matters then get in touch for an informal consultation.